Occasions for Awesome Vacations!

It’s been a long year! That’s certainly a reason to celebrate with a great vacation! But there are plenty of other reasons to vacations too! If you have a special occasion coming up, let’s discuss turning it into a vacation memory that will last a lifetime.

Destination Weddings

Weddings are always a fun occasion. Getting married on a beach in the tropics though just sends it over the top!

Choose from destinations and resorts throughout the Caribbean or Mexico. Weddings at an all-inclusive resort are much more affordable that you might think! And, you can best be assured your guests will have a great time. No more VFW halls or banquet centers!

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Get the Foodies Together!

Going out to dinner is always a great, especially if you’re a gourmet foodie like I am! What’s more fun than a night out on the town? Turning it into a week it Italy dining in Tuscany, or sampling wines in France, or enjoying the delicacies of the food of Greece on a Greek Islands cruise.

Culinary vacations are a great way to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday with someone. With my connections, we can arrange all the details that will have you not only enjoying the meals, but helping prepare them too in many places!  Let’s discuss all the fun that can be had on a culinary vacation.

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Not Home for the Holidays!

The holidays are a great time to escape and have fun. Forget the snow, cold, hustle and bustle, (and dinner at Aunt Fran’s and Uncle Joe’s) – and hit the islands up this year for a magical holiday season under the sun!

There are a lot of promotions and specials for holiday travel when you book early. Let’s get something going for you.  Maybe Aunt Fran and Uncle Joe will want to splurge too and join you!

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Family Cruises

Little Johnny and Sally won’t be kids all their lives! Enjoy creating Disney memories with them both on land, and at sea!

Disney Cruise Line offers incredible itineraries and cruises for families as well as adults too. There is plenty for everyone of all age. Let’s discuss the details!

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Bachelorette (and Bachelor) Party Getaways

One last hurrah with the old gang before you tie the knot! We’ve planned some of the most exciting girlfriend getaways that allow you to do what you want – including splurging on shopping!

For the guys, we can take care of a fun-filled getaway too with just your buddies. There’s nothing more fun than a few days with the guys, a nice bottle of bourbon, and a cigar! If sports is your thing, we can arrange that too! Let’s discuss ideas for your bachelorette or bachelor party getaway.

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